Perfect hosts

Worcester ‘B’ team played host to the first round on the Nuneaton and District, and befitting of the new Perdiswell pool, the night proved to be a great event.  Although Peshore led throughout the evening, Worcester’s ‘B’ team never let them take much of a lead and by the end of the night, there was very little to separate the two top teams.

Final results Nuneaton and District Junior Swimming League round 1:

Pershore 260pts
Worcester B team 239pts
Ledbury 195pts
Oldbury 192pts
Stourbridge 67pts

In the under 9 group, Harry Guest finished in first place – 25m breaststroke (26.95). Second place was secured by Toby Giles – 25m backstroke (25.95).  There were third place finishes for Abigail Walter – 25m butterfly (24.34); Libby Parker – 25m breaststroke (25.52); Grace Ryder – 25m backstroke (23.72); James Bury – 25m freestyle (25.45) and in what proved to be a very close race, Lilly Richardson took fourth place – 25m free style (20.71); Harry Guest also finished fourth – 25m butterfly (26.52).

In the medley relay the under 9 girls took second place (1.37.81).  In the freestyle relay the girls maintained their consistency by adding an additional second-place (1.23.51), with boys doing just the same, taking second spot (1.30.09).

In the under 10 group, Grace Earp finished in top spot – 25m butterfly (20.95); As did Libby Nawarycz – 50m backstroke (45.83); with Evan Rogers finishing first – 25m butterfly (20.31) and second – 50m backstroke (49.87).  Second places went to Tallulah Richards – 50m freestyle (40.37); Lucy Beasley – 50m breaststroke (52.82).  Third place went to Harry Guest – 50m breaststroke (56.52) and fourth place went to Louis Delord – 50m Freestyle (44.83).

In the medley relay the under 10 girls (1.27.70) and boys (1.28.95) both finished in second place.  While the boys took second place (1.16.69) and the girls came third (1.18.81) in the respective freestyle relays.

In the under 11 group, there were first places finishes for Jacob Smith – 50m backstroke (44.33) and 50m freestyle (37.00); Izzy Foster – 50m butterfly (40.10); Olivia Eggleton – 50m breaststroke (44.75). Charles Dixon took second place – 50m butterfly (44.26), as well as third place – 50m breaststroke (53.31).  Carmen West also took third place 50m freestyle (38.90) and Hannah Alfrink was just pushed into forth – 50m backstroke (44.89).

In the medley relay the under 11 girls finished in first place (1.18.10), while the boys finished in third (1.24.93). In the freestyle relay the girls again took first place (1.09.84), while boys took second place (1.13.71).

In the under 12 group, there were first place finishes for Ciara Mahanta – 50m freestyle (34.57); Jack Sweeney – 50m backstroke (40.41), who also finished third – 50m butterfly (42.01).  Second places went to Carlos Gutierrez – freestyle (34.13). Third place went to Betsy Richards – 50m butterfly (37.16); Maya Stewart – 50m breaststroke (45.45): Nathan Redfern – 50m breaststroke (46.08), with Katarina Elsner pushing hard to take fourth – 50m backstroke (40.94).

In the medley relay the under 12 girls finished in first place (1.13. 82), while the boys took third spot (1.16.13). In the freestyle relay the girls again finished first (1.04.94), while boys took second place (1.07.25).

In the 8 length free style relay (two children from each age group), the boys (2.35.15) and girls (2.26.52) both finished in second place. In the 8-length mixed relay, the team powered their way to second (2.21.90)

Full squad:

Harry Guest, Toby Giles, Abigail Walter, Libby Parker, Grace Ryder, James Bury, Lilly Richardson, Grace Earp, Libby Nawarycz, Evan Rogers, Tallulah Richards, Lucy Beasley, Louis Delord, Jacob Smith, Izzy Foster, Olivia Eggleton, Charles Dixon, Carmen West, Hannah Alfrink, Ciara Mahanta, Jack Sweeney, Carlos Gutierrez, Betsy Richards, Maya Stewart, Nathan Redfern, Katarina Elsner.