About Us

Welcome to Worcester Swimming Club

We are a thriving, successful and friendly swimming club and as a member you will be part of a team that works to improve swimming at all levels. We aim to give swimmers the best opportunity to develop their skills to the best of their ability.

Some of our Senior swimmers, who have now reached National standard, worked their way up through the squads and may even have started out with the club in the teaching pool at about 5 years of age.
How is this achieved? At the top end of the club we have a Head Coach who acts as a mentor and motivator for all our swimmers, he is helped and supported by a team of qualified coaches, teacher and poolside helpers. All of who are vital to our successful progression of swimmers through the Club to University age, and beyond.

The coaching team are supported by an army of volunteers which extend beyond the pool deck to other roles such as Membership, Publicity, Fixtures, Finance, and Officials etc. In case you were wondering where all these volunteers come from, just about every one of them starts out as a swimmer’s parent who feels they can help out in some way. That’s what happened to me, and the Presidents before me! I can remember it quite clearly, we moved to WSC from Pershore, when their pool closed, our eldest daughter was about 11 years old, I promised my husband that I wouldn’t get involved for at least a year… nine months later I was timekeeping and on the Committee… my husband then started coaching and WSC became our second home.

As a family we have gained a lot of friends through the swimming club and although neither of our daughters still swim competitively we are still very actively involved in the Club.

So, once again, welcome to the team, swimmers and parents, I hope you will enjoy your time with WSC as much as I have.

Sally Hunt
President, Worcester Swimming Club