Hopefully, you will be selected to compete for Worcester Swimming Club in one of the many
leagues we enter.

● National Arena League
● Nuneaton & District Junior League
● Ross PGL Junior League
● Mercian League
● Winter League

All team lists are posted on the notice boards at Kings and Perdiswell pools about 3 weeks prior to each fixture and emailed out to parents by our Head Coach, Mark Stowe. It is very important to confirm your availability as soon as possible by either emailing Mark Stowe directly or by ticking your name on the posted team list to enable us to field the strongest teams. If your child has been picked for the first time, please refer to the Gala Advice section on the website for handy tips on what your child should bring and what to expect.

National Arena League
Worcester competes in the West Midlands Arena League. This is the most competitive and important of all the leagues. The West Midlands League currently has 3 Divisions and Worcester swim in the Premier Division along with 23 other clubs. All swimmers aged 9 to Open are eligible to compete. There are 3 rounds in Oct, Nov and Dec (always the 2nd Saturday). The top 6 teams within 3rd round competing in the West Midlands Final. The winners then go on to compete in the National A Final (against all the other Regional
winners) and the runners-up compete in the National B Final.

Age is as date of the 31st December.
11/u swim 50m in all 4 strokes
13/u, 15/u and Open swim 100m in all 4 strokes with an added 200 IM for the Open swimmers.
Relays are 50m for all age groups.
There is a ‘Best Supporters’ award in each of the National Finals and Worcester have won this in 2018 & 2019

Nuneaton League
The Nuneaton & District Junior Swimming League or as it’s often referred to as the ‘Diddy League’ is the premier league for 9 – 12 yr old swimmers in the Midlands. The league has 3 divisions and we usually enter an A team in division 1 and a B team in division 3.
There are 3 rounds in each division invariably held in April, May and June and the top 6 clubs in each division compete in a 4th round final held in September (2nd Saturday).

Age is as of date of final.
9 yr olds swim 25m in all 4 strokes.
10 yr olds swim 50m Back, Breast and Free with 25m Fly.
11 yr & 12 yr olds swim 50m in all 4 strokes.
All relays are 25m for all age groups.
There is a final Freestyle Cannon relay (8 X 25m) with 1 Boy and Girl competing from each age group.

The Ross PGL Junior League is usually the first competitive swimming gala your child will be involved in. It’s for all swimmers aged 9 yrs to 14 yrs who have yet to achieve a Midland Regional Qualifying Time.
The league comprises of 4 rounds (January to May) with the top 8 teams swimming in the final which is usually held at the beginning of June.

Ages are calculated as per date of final. (if you’re 9 on the date of the final you swim as a 9 yr old etc.)
Gala points are given in each event with 4 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and 1 for 4th (based on 4 teams competing) and totalled at the end of the gala to determine the winner.
This gala has upper time limits to ensure this competition is reserved for swimmers mostly below County standard and if a swimmer swims faster than that time they get a speeding ticket. Worcester applauds all swimmers who achieve speeding tickets, although we don’t get any points for that race it means that swimmer has performed exceptionally well and is something to be celebrated.

Each round comprises of 62 events;
25m in all 4 strokes, with 2 mixed relays (2 boys and 2 girls) for 9 yr olds.
50m in Back, Breast and Free and 25m Fly for 10 yr olds with Medley and Free relays for both boys and girls.
All other ages have 50m in all 4 strokes and 2 relays each for boys and girls.
The 13/14 yr olds also have a 100m IM.
2 freestyle cannons (one each for boys and girls) with 2 from each age group competing.
All relays are 25m.

Mark will try to give as many as 100 swimmers the opportunity to compete over the 4 rounds and then picks the fastest team for the final. So don’t worry if your child is picked for only 1 or 2 rounds. Your child may not swim their preferred stroke either, it’s a team gala and will be picked accordingly.
If this is your child’s 1st gala you’re in for a real treat. Please refer to the gala advice section for handy tips on what your child should bring and tips on what to expect. It’s fast paced and a very exciting gala and you’ll soon be whooshing like the rest of us.

Mercian League.
The Mercian league is a league for West Midlands Clubs. Swimmers with a Midland Swimming Championship Qualifying time achieved in any event are not allowed to swim in this league.

Age is as date of final (usually July).
Competitor age groups are 10, 12, 14 and Open.
The league comprises of 3 rounds with round 3 seeded based on previous results with effectively A, B, C and D finals.
10/u swim 50m Back, Breast and Free with a 25m Fly.
12/u swim 100m Back, Breast and Free with a 50m Fly.
14/u and Open swim 100m all 4 strokes with the Open swimmers also swimming a 100 IM.
All relays are 25m.

Winter League
The Winter League is a local league comprising of 18 teams from across the County for all swimmers aged from 10 yrs to Open. We enter 3 teams (A, B and a C team). The league comprises of 2 rounds early in the calendar year before culminating in the top 6 teams competing in their respective A, B or C final. Age is as of date of final which is usually in April.

There are 40 events in each gala.
11/u swim 50m in all 4 strokes.
13/u, 15/u and Open swimmers swimming 100m in all 4 strokes.
There are mixed relays (6 X 25m) in each age group swam in Girl/Boy order.
The Medley relay comprises of Back, Breast, Breast, Fly, Free and Free (swam in that order).

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