Club Records

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If you think you have broken a Club Record, please contact providing the following information:

  • Date
  • Category (Open / Female)
  • Age Group
  • Event
  • Time Achieved
  • Swimmer Details (Name / Date of Birth / ASA Number)

Record Eligibility

  • Swimmers must be a fully paid up member of WSC for at least 3 months prior to the swim.
  • Away swimmers can claim club records if they are representing WSC at the time of the swim, or are performing representative duties (e.g. Worcester County, West Midlands Region, ESSA).
  • Swims made whilst representing Away College/School/University will not be eligible for Club Records.
  • The age for all records is as at 31 December. All records are either short course, or long course converted to short course times.

Club records will be updated once the Records Secretary has ratified the swim.