Welcome to our volunteer hub!

As a community ran club we’re completely dependent on volunteers – the incredible people who kindly give their time to support children in and around Worcester to enjoy and flourish in the sport they love!

Could you join our superstar team of WSC volunteers and lend a hand? We’d love you to get involved! Working together, our vision is to create a pool (pun intended!) of volunteers we can deploy at swim events through the year.

We truly value all our volunteers’ time and although you might like to volunteer at every opportunity, we appreciate that this may not work for everyone, so flexibility to donate your time and share the fun is a BIG part of our volunteer vision at WSC. To lend a hand at any future events you need to be registered as a WSC volunteer, if you’re not already registered please email alex.cross@worcestersc.co.uk to get started.

Volunteer Perks! 😊

  • Free entry to your event
  • Learn more about swimming and the club
  • Free food and refreshments
  • Fun with swim friends
  • WSC Volunteer Tee
  • WSC Water Bottle

Volunteer Roles

Whatever your skillset there’s a role for everyone! Listed below are just a few roles we need your help with…

Working as a team the marshalls are responsible for ensuring the right swimmers are delivered to the start blocks at the right time. It is absolutely vital in ensuring that we all get to go home on time! You will work from just before the session starts until the last race of the session – a typically 2½ hour slot. Working poolside or in the call-room you will need a loud voice and a patient nature for this rewarding role.

Tech Team Runner
The tech team are responsible for the IT that run a swim meet – managing athlete entries, event times and displaying the results. To help the tech team, they need a ‘runner’ to liaise between the tech desk and the referee plus display printed results for swimmers and spectators to see. A fun way to get involved and smash your daily step count! You will work from just before the session starts until the last race of the session – a typically 2½ hour slot.

Working from the poolside room, the refreshments team keep the drinks rolling out to the officials, coaches and helpers so they can stay at their post doing their job. Making teas and coffees and distributing sweets, squash and water to the poolside, the refreshments team make a big difference to the popularity of our meets. Typically these are 3 hour slots covering the warm-up and the session.

Spectator Ticket sales (Door sales)
These are vital roles dealing with the swimmers and parents.  Jobs include selling programmes and entry tickets for spectators. This is a great way to be involved and meet people. These roles typically last 3 ½ hours, the role requires an early arrival on the morning sessions to allow people to enter the spectating area.

Medal table supervisors
A fun role, rewarding swimmers with their medals at a meet! You will work from just before the session starts until the last race of the session – typically 2½ hour slot.

The announcer is the public voice of the meet and is responsible for information and safety announcements, guiding the spectators through the races and co-ordinating the warm-up sessions. We will give you all the training you need; we just need your voice and your time.  Typically these are 3 hour slots and announcers ideally work in pairs.

Officials deliver an essential role within our sport and without them we simply wouldn’t be able to host competitions at any level! We rely on qualified officials who ensure all competitions are conducted in a fair and safe manner and that athletes comply with the rules of the sport. The entry level of qualification is a Timekeeper, can you hold a stop watch then this is a job for you!  The next level of qualification is a Judge, the entry level is Level 1, which covers Timekeeping, inspecting turns completed by swimmers.  The club supports and pays for all the online learning and you will be mentored through the process by another official.  If you enjoy these initial roles, you can go on to further levels but there is no pressure, again you do as much as you feel you are able, any time you can give up to volunteer as an official is invaluable to your club.

Sounds like fun? To lend a hand in any of these roles you need to be registered as a WSC volunteer, if you’re not already registered please email alex.cross@worcestersc.co.uk to get started.

It’s really simple and we’ll contact our volunteers as events approach to see who’s available. All help and time donated to the club I much appreciated and goes a long way in supporting our swimmers and community.

PLEASE NOTE: The timings on the above descriptions are for Open Meet Galas, but if your child is involved in a League Gala, at any part of their swimming experience, the time participating is reduced as they tend to be in the evening and require your help for around 2 hours.