Familiarisation Information

This webpage can be downloaded as a PDF document: Perdiswell Leisure Centre Familiarisation Information

Reasonable Adjustments

If you have any reasonable adjustment requirements, please contact michael.gooch@worcestersc.co.uk

Perdiswell Leisure Centre familiarisation for new swimmers and competition entrants

The main entrance to the building from the carpark.

The main entrance hall (after a small porchway)

Reception desk and corridor to other areas

Turnstiles/gate from entrance to main corridor, with door to changing village on left

Main corridor, looking away from the entrance hall, after changing village door

Main corridor looking towards the turnstiles

Main sports hall – where teams wait prior to races

Competition pool looking from changing room entrance (Spectators area is in darkness in this picture)

Competition pool from opposite corner

Spectator seating next to competition pool

Corridor in changing village

Individual (lockable) changing cubicles within changing village

Open shower area

Private (lockable) shower cubicles in shower area

Corridor from changing village to showers, toilets & poolside

Entrance to poolside from changing village (Also showing small pool – not usually used during competitions)

Other information you may find useful:

Parking – There is a large carpark (with a height restriction barrier), in front of the building.  This includes 30 disabled parking bays outside the main entrance to the building.

Toilets – There are toilets in the changing area, near the pool. There are toilets in the main entrance, near to the entrance to the spectator seating. There are also toilets in the dry changing areas off the main corridor.

Accessible Facilities

Wheelchair Access – The centre is fully accessible to wheelchair users.  The main entrance has automatic doors. There are wheelchair friendly toilet facilities. There is provision for wheelchair spectators in the pool hall.

Hearing Impairments – An induction loop audio system is fitted in the reception area.

Sight Impairments – There are colour contrasting themes in the building and braille signage throughout

Changing facilities – There is a Changing Places changing room that opens directly onto the poolside (Small pool end). There are further accessible changing rooms in the changing village.

Where should you be?

When you arrive, make your way to the main sports hall to register with your team.

Swimmers are expected to sit with the team in the hall and not in the spectator’s area (you will need to bring a chair with you), unless they have finished their last race and have been given permission by their team manager.

Getting to your race on time

Your team manager will ensure you are ready to move to the pool in plenty of time for your race.
There are lots of volunteer marshals who will ensure you are with the correct group of swimmers and get to the poolside in ample time and in the correct lane order.

Noises and Lights

Hot Heats – Some competitions include ‘Hot Heats’.  This is when an additional prize is given to the winner of that heat.  It is signalled before the start of the race by sounding an air horn.

Small Pool Depth Change – Sometimes the staff at the centre will need to alter the depth of the small pool whilst a competition is going on.  This has a high-pitched beep whilst the depth is changing.

Race Starts – There will be the starters sound and a white light that flashes as the race starts.

Announcements – There is a microphone used for poolside race announcements.

Lighting – The pool area is very well lit and quite bright. The sports hall is slightly darker.