Worcester Swimming Club swimmers have been making the most of the summer holidays and the hot weather, by dipping their toes in the world of open water swimming,

21 Swimmers took part in the project, run by the Club, at the beautiful Lenches Lakes open water venue, in Evesham during August. Aimed at those trying open water for the first time and looking for a “taster”, as well as those with experience, but looking for an additional challenge.

In the sessions, organised and run by the Club’s own open water coach Kate Lloyd, and supported by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, they learnt about safety, acclimatising to cold water, sighting, drafting and a range of skills and tactics associated with open water swimming and competing.

The project’s aim was to give swimmers the opportunity to take on a new challenge, vary their training programme, learn new skills and perhaps combat a few fears, in an area of swimming that has seen massive growth over the last few years.

Mark Stowe, Head Coach commented:
“It’s clear that the swimmers who took part had great fun and it would be great to now see some of them continue this enjoyment by taking part in some organised open water events and competitions. We have our own open water coach at WSC and some fantastic volunteers, so we are very fortunate that we can support this activity. Our hope is that it will develop and be even bigger next year!”

Swimmers taking part were Abigail Haldane, Alice Lloyd, Amelie Forsyth-Ball, Carmen West, Charlotte Ciancio, Clementine Richards, Eden Eggleton, Edward Richardson, Emily Clacher, Eva Holden, Evie Goodall, Freya Halsey, Henry Hoare, Holly Sadler, Imogen Ciancio, Isabelle Thorn, James Hill, Khai Yang, Lottie Richardson, Luis Challinor, Lydia Cooper