We would like to remind you that your membership will be due for renewal on 1st January 2016 and that there will be a slight increase in swimming and ASA fees. The Fees will be posted on the notice boards and website but you will also find them listed below:

Novice and Improvers £75.00/term
PreComp1 £24.00/month
PreComp2 £31.00/month
Junior Development £34.00/month
Junior County £48.00/month
Senior Fitness2 £26.00/month
Senior Fitness4 £34.00/month
Senior County £56.00/month
Dual Club £25.00 Annual Fee
Dual Club £11.00 or £22.00/month
Away Swimmers £60.00 Annual Fee
Worcester University Swimmers 50% discount

After taking into account feed-back from members last year we have updated the renewals process. The new system is secure, more efficient, greener and hopefully all will go smoothly! Please keep a look-out for an email from renewals@worcestersc.co.uk which you can expect to receive around the middle of December. Please also check your junk email just in case.  The email will contain a link which will take you to a secure online system where you can check your details, amend them if necessary and electronically sign the renewals form. You will be prompted for memorable information to identify yourself first. If you have any problems please email Catherine Martin the Renewals Secretary.

It is important to respond to the email even if you do not wish to continue with your membership so that we can amend our records, discontinue your fees and offer your place to another swimmer. Also may we ask that you prioritise the form and respond to the email as soon as possible.  Those that do not do so create significant extra work for the volunteers who give their time freely to process the renewals.  I cannot impress upon you enough what a big job this is for a club of this size.

Best regards,

Adele Rimell
Worcester Swimming Club Treasurer