How Worcester Swimming Club can help your child to learn to swim…

Novices & Improvers aim to start swimmers in the term of their 5th birthday. Swimmers can be admitted earlier as long as they have started school.

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Teacher Profiles

Margaret Comerford
I qualified as a swimming teacher in 1992. I have no competitive swimming background – I was asked, along with other parents, if I’d like to help out as a teaching assistant soon after my son, Michael, started swimming lessons. I jumped at the chance not, I must confess, because I had a burning ambitions of becoming a swimming teacher, but because it was (and still can be) really hot watching your child swim and I thought, “What a great way to keep cool!”, and I’m still here, even though my son gave up swimming a few years later.

The club did, then, encourage and support me into becoming a trained swimming teacher and I have had the joy and privilege of being part of a growing and evolving Novices’ and Improvers’ section of the Club. I have, over the years, taught with some great teachers and met countless wonderful children – many of whom are now grown and have children of their own. In fact, you really appreciate how long you’ve being doing the job when your ex-pupils’ children come to you for swimming lessons. I wonder if I’ll still be around to teach those ex-pupils’ grandchildren! Mmm.. Now there’s a thought.

Sheila King
I began helping in the Novices’ section of the club over 23 years ago. I qualified in 1992 and began teaching the non-swimmers from 4.5 years upwards.

I started out like most of the teachers, watching my children in their lessons, never dreaming I would become a swimming teacher and still be here all these years later. My first job was to register and escort the swimmers back to their parents in the changing rooms. I was offered the opportunity to assist the teachers in the pool, where I eventually took my own classes and qualified. I am very pleased to offer the same opportunity to our older club swimmers who come and help.

I have lost count of the swimmers I have taught to swim. My heart is definitely in this section, where I proudly watch a child conquer a fear, put their face in the water and swim for the first time. I also teach lots of swimmers in school and gladly recommend swimmers to join the Club to further their skills and become successful. A team of swimmers I put together became Worcestershire School Champions in the Sainsbury’s Games back in the summer: a proud moment. Another proud moment is that three of my daughters have taught with me in the pool. Two became poolside helpers and my other daughter, a qualified swimming teacher, taught with me in the pool until last year. I feel I have come a long way since teaching myself to swim in the hole outside the pool.

Helen Rimell

It took me a while to sum up the courage to put my head under the water for the first time, but once I had, a real passion for swimming ensued. As a junior I swam breastroke competitively and nowadays I train in the senior county squad, but I don’t really have a No1 stroke, resulting in the nickname “no-trick-pony”! Juggling with GCSEs I love to come and help out on poolside from time to time and for a couple of hours a week in the novices and improvers section. The kids’ attitudes are very focused and often inspiring, and it’s great to see them pursue their goals, whether it be a 5m badge or a regional qualifying time!