Worcester’s MP has revealed his delight over the city’s swimming pool twist – saying his lobbying has paid off.  In recent weeks Conservative Robin Walker has put his own Tory councillors under real pressure, both publicly and privately, to dump previous Labour proposals for a cheaper pool in favour of a more expensive option.

As your Worcester News first revealed on Tuesday, the council is now ready to vote on having an eight-lane, competition standard facility costing £10.4 million.

Mr Walker had himself faced serious pressure from Worcester Swimming Club in recent weeks over the saga. He said: “This makes absolute sense, it’s really cheering to see and if that is the final decision it will certainly be the right one.

“The lobbying has paid off and for me, this shows that it was something worth pushing for.

“At the end of the day, we all want to be as ambitious as we can for the city and I’m delighted – it’s win-win.”

On Wednesday night opposition Labour councillors, several of whom have expressed concerns over the costs, were locked in a private briefing with the council’s corporate resources director Lesley Meagher about the new proposal.

It comes as opposition councillors say they are yet to be convinced that it is the best move – especially as it would require a yearly taxpayer’s subsidy of around £493,000.