Adrian Davis

Adrian Davis (Ade)

Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
I was never a great sportsman at school mainly because I feel the coaches/teachers did not encourage the less able but keen, only showing interest in the natural players, while I was left with “here’s a ball lads, have a kick about over there”. However I did make House Captain for an activity I did outside school which I trained in and competed in at an international level, winning championships nationwide. I also represented my country abroad and still treasure my British junior team blazer badge. At 15 1/2 my partner and I stopped competing and participating completely for various reasons. I soon joined the Navy after leaving school and have never participated since.

Confused………. well ask me about it some time I could even show you my British team badge, one clue only, girls will probably be more impressed than boys.

Anyway so I know what sort of dedication and hard work it takes to achieve top level in your sport.
I try to run a bit now to keep fit – mostly 10Ks but have raced over Half Marathons and ran London Marathon in 2011.

I got involved with coaching, like most parents with children that swim, after being asked if I would help first with lane ropes then as a lane coach. It soon became apparent that a very large proportion of what happens at the club is because of a strong band of much needed volunteers. I was keen to help when and where I could.
Soon I had registered on Level 1 coaching course and about a year later completed my Level 2.
I also am a qualified timekeeper but that’s as far as I ventured into the Darkside!

Favourite stroke
To swim Breaststroke
To coach Breaststroke and Fly

Favourite training set
Depending how I feel possibly an IM set or if I’ve had a really bad day at work definitely a tough kick set.

 3 things you couldn’t do without
Claire my wife and my girls Chloe and Sophie – they may infuriate me with their untidiness but I love them to death.

If you won the lottery what would you do?
Retire from my current career, and spend my time doing work I’d enjoy more probably with animals maybe at a zoo or sanctuary, or maybe woodworking. I would make sure my family was financially secure buy a Landrover and a dog to enjoy some time camping and walking in the great British Outdoors.


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