A & B teams final bound

Worcester Swimming Club showed strength in depth, with both is A and B teams securing places in 2007 Worcestershire Winter League Final to be held at Droitwich in April.

Drawn against each again in Round 2 as they had been in the first round, Worcester A & B lined up against strong opposition from the region including Stourbridge A, Warley Wasps and Droitwich, battling it out for a place in the prestigious Winter League Final.

With victory under their belt in Round 1, Worcester A had every chance of making the final, with Worcester B looking to join them, narrowly missing out on a third-place finish in their previous heat.  Neither team disappointed in Round 2, with both producing strong performances.

With a staggering 85% of their finishes in the top 3, Worcester A finished Round 2 in first place, with a total of 201 points.  The B team also put in a tremendous team effort, securing a well-deserved third place with 155 points.

In the under 11 group, there were first place finishes for Bryony Lowe – 50m butterfly (37.30); David Annis – 50m backstroke (35.81).  Second places went to Milo Reed – 50m freestyle (32.87); Izzy Wilkinson – 50m backstroke (38.40); David Annis – 50m butterfly (35.44).  Third places went to Ciara Mahanta – 50m freestyle (33.81); Harry Chandler – 50m freestyle (33.84); Jess Dobson – 50m butterfly (38.12); Olivia Eggleton – 50m Breaststroke (44.93).

In the under 13 group, there were first place finishes for Becky Yates – 100m backstroke (1:11:56); Daniel Day – 100m backstroke (1:05:75); Megan Annis – 100m freestyle (1:02:57); Louis Doyle – 100m freestyle (1:00:56); Brodie Willetts – 100m butterfly (1.11.88).  Second places went to Natasha Dobson – 100m butterfly (1.15.07); Isaac Shepherd – 100m backstroke (1:13:61); Lauren Annis – 100m breaststroke (1.22.87); Kieran Cooper – 100m freestyle (1.03.18).  Third places went to Hannah Dixon – 100m breaststroke (1.25.44); Owen Kirby – 100m breaststroke (1.23.62); Megan Bury – 100m butterfly (1.19.95)

In the under 15 group, there were first place finishes for Olivia Fletcher – 100m freestyle (0:59:31) & 100m backstroke (1:08:00); Matthew Thomas – 100m freestyle (0:55:88) & 100m butterfly (1:02:94); Charlotte Hall – 100m butterfly (1.07.50); Lilly Merrell – 100m breaststroke (1.20.37); Harvey Lloyd – 100m breaststroke (1.10.63).  Second places also went to Josie Armstrong – 100m freestyle (1.03.50); Kai Gooden-Morris – 100m freestyle (57.56); Will Gearey – 100m butterfly (1:09:69).  A third place went to Emily West – 100m breaststroke (1.25.56)

In the open group, there were first place finishes for Matt Richards – 100m butterfly (0.58.94); Alex Westwood – 100m freestyle (0.54.25); Lucy Clayton – 100 breaststroke (1.14.25); Anthony Redfern – 100m breaststroke (1.07.69); Jenny Gearey – 100m backstroke (1.07.13); Oscar Brain – 100m backstroke (0:58:95).  Second places went to Alex Westwood – 100m backstroke (0.59.87); Sam Hall – 100m butterfly (1.01.48); Jenny Gearey – 100m freestyle (1.01.45); Ben Holmes – 100m freestyle (56.05); Sam Hall – 100m breaststroke (1.08.78).  Third places went to Lauren Hill – 100m butterfly (1.10.25); Charlotte Hall – 100m freestyle (1.03.56).

In the medley relay, the under 11s took second place; the under 13s took first and third places; the under 15s took first and second places; the open group took first and third places.

In the freestyle relay the under 11s took first place; the under 13s took first and third places; the under 15s took first place; the open group took first and second places.

Full squad (A and B teams) were:-

Bryony Lowe; David Annis; Milo Reed; Izzy Wilkinson; Ciara Mahanta; Harry Chandler; Jess Dobson; Olivia Eggleton; Becky Yates; Daniel Day; Megan Annis; Louis Doyle; Brodie Willetts; Natasha Dobson; Isaac Shepherd; Lauren Annis; Kieran Cooper; Hannah Dixon; Owen Kirby; M Bury; Olivier Fletcher; Matthew Thomas; Charlotte Hall; Lilly Merrell; Harvey Lloyd; Josie Armstrong; Kai Gooden-Morris; Will Gearey; Emily West; Matt Richards; Alex Westwood; Lucy Clayton; Anthony Redfern; Jenny O Brian; Sam Hall; Ben Holmes; Laura Hill; L Martin; Amy Cooper; Emma McKay; A Forsyth-Ball; William Pridden; George Glover; Oliver Dieppe; Sam Hartley; William Thomas; Heather Castle; Izzy Trow; Charlotte Yates; Michael Agoston; Alex Farmer. Megan Bury, Oscar Brain, Lily Merrell and Lauren Hill

Final results Winter League round 2:

Worcester A                201

Stourbridge A              167

Worcester B                155

Warley Wasps            142

Droitwich                    124