Our 17th Annual Open Meet on October 25, 26 and 27 2013 saw 300 swimmers competing from a dozen clubs, with over 2,000 individual swims!

Seventy club volunteers worked tirelessly all weekend to ensure that the event ran smoothly. We were rewarded with some record breaking individual swims, as well as giving all the swimmers the opportunity to improve their performance in a competitive but friendly environment. Maybe we even witnessed a future Olympian in the making!

Special recognition go Worcester Swimming Club members, Olivia Fletcher, who won top girl with a sweep of nine gold and two silver medals and to Tabby Monkhouse, who stormed through the Girls’ Skins, a knockout competition where swimmers are handicapped based on their best recorded time.

The swimmers were cheered on by a capacity number of spectators including the Mayor of Worcester, Councillor Pat Agar, Worcester City Councillor, Roger Berry, Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing and Robin Walker, MP. We would like to thank them for their support.

[row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_1[/column] [column size=”1/2″]Behind the scenes – thank you to everyone who helped[/column][/row]

[row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_2[/column] [column size=”1/2″]Club Chairman Adele Rimell, The Mayor Pat Agar and MP Robin Walker watching the action[/column][/row] [row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_3[/column] [column size=”1/2″]Some of the Worcester Team – Woosh![/column][/row] [row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_4[/column] [column size=”1/2″]Tabby Monkhouse receiving her award for winning the Girls’ Skins[/column][/row] [row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_5[/column] [column size=”1/2″]Mike Adair receiving his award for fifth place in the Boys’ Skins[/column][/row] [row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_7[/column] [column size=”1/2″]The Coaches’ Fancy Dress Race![/column][/row] [row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_8[/column] [column size=”1/2″]Nice skirt Malcom Latta![/column][/row] [row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_9[/column] [column size=”1/2″]Chairman Adele Rimell with Top Girl Livvy Fletcher[/column][/row]


[row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_9[/column] [column size=”1/2″]Chairman Adele Rimell with Top Boy Ben Campbell from Boldmere[/column][/row]


[row][column size=”1/2″]open_meet_10[/column] [column size=”1/2″]Chairman Adele Rimell presenting Plaque to winning Visiting Club, Boldmere[/column][/row]