Patrick Hunt



Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
Whilst I have never been anything more than a ‘social’ swimmer, I have always played competitive sports. I used to play squash, basketball and football, nowadays I enjoy playing golf and badminton.

I became involved with Worcester Swimming Club when our two daughters moved here from Pershore.  As they progressed through the squads I moved from helping out on the end of a lane to taking my Teaching Certificate and then my Level 1 qualification. So even though my daughters no longer swim competitively you will still find me coaching four times a week, mainly within the junior section of the Club.

I take great pleasure in seeing the swimmers progress through from the learn to swim, to juniors and then into the senior sections, some of them will go on to County, District or National level, many of them will represent the Club in league galas or open meets but whatever they achieve I hope we inspire them to have a great sense of team spirit and the will to win.

Favourite stroke
To Coach – Breaststroke or Frontcrawl
To Watch – Individual Medley

Favourite training set
I have no preference … as long as it’s done right!

3 things you couldn’t do without
1  Good friends
2  Good food
3  And of course good wine!

If you won the lottery what would you do?
Build a swimming pool … competitive of course.

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